Sunday, May 06, 2007

new shirt

a new shirt is available from Aurora Borealis

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The Moss/Monarch 7" is now available.
All pre-orders have been shipped, and if you ordered one from us then it will be arriving shortly.

To order a copy of this 7" please go to Rise Above
We no longer have any copies.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

BBC1, 23rd March, 5pm

A message from Chris -

STAIRLIFT TO HEAVEN by Howard Read and Chris Chantler

An animated sitcom about a nine-year-old boy who lives in an old folks' home due to a frankly ludicrous bureacratic error.

World premier Friday 23rd of March 2007 at 5pm!


RIK MAYALL! as Baron Keith Lumbago
RICHARD BRIERS! as Captain Joseph Sharples
MARK GATISS! as Mr Richard Sipp

This is no early April fool, you read correctly - our drummer Chris has a cartoon on BBC1 this coming Friday. Be sure to tune in if you can.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

MOSS/MONARCH split 7" available to order

You can now order the MOSS/MONARCH split 7" from the Rise Above webshop.

Taken from the Rise Above newsletter -

Moss/Monarch Split in stock soon!

Finally, after much delay, due to various reasons, this killer 7" is being pressed as we speak.
It features an insanely slow cover of Discharge classic 'Maimed & Slaughtered' performed by
UK sicko slomo's, Moss.
Sharing this split are French freaks Monarch, who do a ripping rendition of Turbonegro fave 'I Got Erection',
with crazed female vocals! Great stuff.

These will go fast, which is why we are putting them up for pre-order.

100 Copies clear vinyl
400 Copies black vinyl

Clear vinyl is already sold out.

Both bands will have copies of the black vinyl in a few weeks.

Monday, February 05, 2007

breaking the silence

The second cd pressing of Cthonic Rites is now available. The booklet is slightly expanded to include blackened literary gnosticism from Seldon Hunt

Copies can be ordered from the Aurora Borealis website, or directly from us for the following prices

£7.50 UK
£8.50 Europe
£10 Everywhere else


Cthonic Rites cassette is delayed slightly... should be available within the coming weeks.
Cthonic Rites 2xlp will finally be available in April through Aurora Borealis.. look for an ultra limited version/package of this lp, more details soon.
Moss/Monarch 7" on Rise Above (replacing the Moss/TPoG 7") should also follow very soon...
Few other releases in the pipeline too.. more later.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cthonic Cassette

Coming soon via ROTTING CHAPEL

This tape will be limited to 300 copies, the only US pressing of Cthonic Rites.

CD version is now sold out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

flowers of doom

.. : As a heavy crust mega doom band you vehiculated a black image, very inspired by Lovecraft's bestiary. But How is your the day to day life ? I mean : do you love flower, nature, softness ? Are you in love ? What's your favorite supermarket ?

Moss : Nature is one of the most important things to me, I spend many hours a week walking through our local parks and just observing whats around me. I can feel at total peace amongst nature. I think flowers are very beautiful and very symbolic, they represent life, death, rebirth. Yes, I like flowers very much. My favourite supermaket is Sainsburys, I am a fan of their streaky bacon, it's very lean. I'm sorry I couldn't give you more evil answers, hahahahaha!

Metal Box

Our 2002 demo 'Tormented' has been re-released in an edition of 50 cassettes, each in it's own uniquely hand-crafted metal box.

"Moss: The Tormented Apop027

"Recorded using three microphones and a four-track tape recorder. To us this song represents the true beginning of Moss, and at the same time a farewell to our earlier work. Revisited for the first time with this release through Apop records, The Tormented. Fukked up and eternally doomed."
Dom – September 2006

A 90 minute specimen of the formidable Doomis Palustris. Each cassette lies dormant in its dresden-esque caisson--sui generis items welded by Dustin of Apop records. Limited to 50 copies.

$23 postage paid in U.S.
Please contact us to discuss shipping, as these make heavy, awkward packages.


Apop is not responsible for any injury that may be incurred from the handling of this release."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

morbid tales

(click to enlarge)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rise Above 7", Cthonic vinyl, cd repress

The split 7" with TPOG due to be released on Rise Above is currently on hold, after recent shocking truths coming to light about TPOG mainman Steve MacMillan. The TPOG side has been cancelled completely, and Rise Above are currently looking for another band to complete this 7" with us. Our side of the split is a cover of the Discharge track 'Maimed and Slaughtered' from their 'Why' ep, a small sample of which can be heard on our myspace page.
More news on this when we have it.

Work is currently underway (albeit very slowly) on the Cthonic Rites 2xlp, which we are hoping will be ready before the year is over.
The cd version is very close to completely selling out from our label, and a repress should be due within the next couple of months. Cthonic Rites should still be available from several distros for the time being. Try google for that.

the gate....

Welcome to the new MOSS blog space.

This site will now serve as the primary source for all related news and updates regarding the band.

The previous MOSS website can still be found here, and our myspace page is as ever up and running here.