Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rise Above 7", Cthonic vinyl, cd repress

The split 7" with TPOG due to be released on Rise Above is currently on hold, after recent shocking truths coming to light about TPOG mainman Steve MacMillan. The TPOG side has been cancelled completely, and Rise Above are currently looking for another band to complete this 7" with us. Our side of the split is a cover of the Discharge track 'Maimed and Slaughtered' from their 'Why' ep, a small sample of which can be heard on our myspace page.
More news on this when we have it.

Work is currently underway (albeit very slowly) on the Cthonic Rites 2xlp, which we are hoping will be ready before the year is over.
The cd version is very close to completely selling out from our label, and a repress should be due within the next couple of months. Cthonic Rites should still be available from several distros for the time being. Try google for that.