Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cthonic Cassette

Coming soon via ROTTING CHAPEL

This tape will be limited to 300 copies, the only US pressing of Cthonic Rites.

CD version is now sold out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

flowers of doom

.. : As a heavy crust mega doom band you vehiculated a black image, very inspired by Lovecraft's bestiary. But How is your the day to day life ? I mean : do you love flower, nature, softness ? Are you in love ? What's your favorite supermarket ?

Moss : Nature is one of the most important things to me, I spend many hours a week walking through our local parks and just observing whats around me. I can feel at total peace amongst nature. I think flowers are very beautiful and very symbolic, they represent life, death, rebirth. Yes, I like flowers very much. My favourite supermaket is Sainsburys, I am a fan of their streaky bacon, it's very lean. I'm sorry I couldn't give you more evil answers, hahahahaha!

Metal Box

Our 2002 demo 'Tormented' has been re-released in an edition of 50 cassettes, each in it's own uniquely hand-crafted metal box.

"Moss: The Tormented Apop027

"Recorded using three microphones and a four-track tape recorder. To us this song represents the true beginning of Moss, and at the same time a farewell to our earlier work. Revisited for the first time with this release through Apop records, The Tormented. Fukked up and eternally doomed."
Dom – September 2006

A 90 minute specimen of the formidable Doomis Palustris. Each cassette lies dormant in its dresden-esque caisson--sui generis items welded by Dustin of Apop records. Limited to 50 copies.

$23 postage paid in U.S.
Please contact us to discuss shipping, as these make heavy, awkward packages.


Apop is not responsible for any injury that may be incurred from the handling of this release."